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My name is Lalitha Brahma, and my specialties are numerous. When you need
legal assistance, I know how to help. If your business is slow or at a
stand-still I can help. If you need to speak with a real person about issues
from family matters to business too... I am available for a FREE 30 minute

Since you most likely do not know me, here's a bit of background. I had the privilege of working in a Lawfirm and an Information Technology company. In November 2002, when our company downsized I lost my job. While I was working in Lawfirm and the company, I used to interact with Small Business owners frequently. They were very passionate about their business. However at the back of their mind they always had the following questions, that interrupted their business:

Protecting Your Business-Questions That Worry A Business Owner

How will I handle dispute with my service provider or landlord or employee?

What can I do if I have problems collecting money from my customers?

Oh! My God, I have signed a contract without fully reading, because I didn’t have time. What will be the consequences?

Should I incorporate and if so what kind of entity will be suitable for the type of business I am in?

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My business is not growing. How can I market effectively offline and online?

How I wish I had a single Resource for any business or legal questions?

How I wish I could afford to have an experienced Lawyer or Business Consultant/Coach without having to worry about the fees involved?

I would like to hire/fire an employee for the first time. What are my obligations?

How can I ensure that my business is being compliant with Government guidelines?

Protecting Your Business-How Can I Help You?

Do you also feel the same way? If so I can show you how you can protect and grow your business by having the ability to access professional legal services and Business consultants for a fraction of the usual cost. I believe in educating by providing you tiny bits of information that will help you to make right choices and take decision without any obligation.

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As an entrepreneur you deserve to run your business passionately with peace of mind

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